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Do you own a business that does a lot of flying across the country? If you have clientele that you and other employees need to meet with on short notice, for weekend trips, or for a couple hours in the middle of the week, it can be difficult keeping up with that travel schedule. So, what if there was an easier and more convenient way to travel for business meetings throughout the United States? If you could charter a private jet after reviewing charter flight pricing, you would likely realize how much better of a travel option this is for you and your company.

Interested in learning more about chartered flight industry and how to rent a private jet for your company? Keep reading to find out how the best private jet experience is waiting you to give it a try.

Private and Charter Jet Industry Information

The United States is thoroughly invested in the private jet industry. In fact, out of all the countries across the globe, we make up nearly half of the entire market. Europe comes in behind the United States making up only 20% in comparison to our 49%. Annually, the industry is able to make around $150 billion in economic activity. It would be accurate to say that this industry is doing well for itself.

Many are choosing to seek employment in the private jet industry due to how well it?s doing in the United States currently. The business aviation industry employs around 1.2 million people living in America. There are added benefits to working for this sector of the flying industry rather than public flying.

Business aircraft passengers vary based on a variety of factors, but statistics show that the largest category of flyers are managers. They make up around 50% of business aircraft passengers. Next, around 22% are top management. The last category consists of technical, sales, and service staff who make up around 20% of passengers on most flights.

Why Your Company Should Consider Checking Charter Flight Pricing

If you haven?t already, it?s time to start looking into the best private jet that you can charter for your company?s needs. Perhaps pricing is a concern, and, if that?s the case, be sure to do your research and check charter flight pricing to find one that fits in your company?s budget. Then, you can give it a try a few times to see how you like all the added benefits of flying in this manner.

One of the main reasons why most business professionals prefer flying on a private jet that has been chartered by their company is the ability to stay productive while on the flight. Many claim they can even be more productive on a chartered flight than they are when working in the office. Around 20% of those who took a survey in 2009 made this claim.

When you compare productivity on a chartered flight in comparison to a large commercial flight, 40% claim they are less productive on a commercial flight. They simply aren?t able to get the space they need to get their work done. Whether it?s noise levels, overcrowding, or too much time spent waiting in lines, business professionals simply can?t get their work done. Flying on a private chartered jet allows them all the necessary time and space they need to productively and efficiently complete their work, even when they?re busy traveling across the country.

That way, your employees aren?t focused to use their personal time when traveling or they don?t need to waste work hours flying. If your employees are in the air a couple times a month or even every week, you should see productivity increase immediately when you switch to flying on chartered jets. No more wasted time for your employees as they fly from one client to another.

Have you decided whether or not you will try chartering a private jet for your employees? Have you checked charter flight pricing to find one that fits in your company?s budget? Let us know about your experience flying on a chartered jet versus flying commercially.

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