Cabins in kentucky

Camping allows people to get outside and connect with nature. Tell stories around a campfire, go fishing, sleep in tents or cabins, and explore places that are new to you are all benefits of camping. If you are looking for that camping experience, but not a fan of tents, consider using an RV. An RV can provide some of the comforts of home while providing you the chance to connect with nature. Campfire Canvas, a biannual survey, recently asked people their reason for using an RV this season. Here are the top reasons people prefer to use an RV.

1. Get away more often. According to the latest Campfire Canvas, 64% of RV users enjoy getting away more often. With the RV available, you can take short trips more often. Even a normal weekend can become a vacation. Just get in the RV and drive.

2. Spend more time family. Spending more time with family was an important part of using an RV for 47% of users. It can be easy to go visit the grandchildren or the in-laws. With family living in more places, it can be easier to make a short trip to see them in an RV.

3. Escaping stress is important. We all live stressed lives. According to 44% of users, an RV is important to escaping stress. RVs give the ability to pick up and disappear for the weekend or just over night. That escape can provide valuable relief from the constant pressure.

4. Cheap travel can be good. Being able to travel inexpensively is important to 42% of RV users. No need for a hotel or to pay for a kennel to watch the dog. Cut down on food costs by cooking in you RV. All with some of the comforts of home.

5. Don’t spend your time planning. Of RV users, 38% enjoy getting away with minimal advanced planning. No need to find a hotel, a babysitter for the kids, or to plan your activities. Just pile in the RV and be on your way. You can find RV campgrounds in many places. Enjoy fishing and exploring nature without the stress of planning.

RVs can be great for traveling to new places. They can be a cheaper way to travel, a great way to escape, and an easy way to spend more time with family. Connect with nature and relieve your stress. For your next vacation, go camping with an RV.

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