Vacations should be something that an entire family enjoys, and can always remember. They should be such a good time that when the current vacation ends, everybody is counting down the days until the next one. However, whether that will be a reality or not greatly depends on where you go, and what you do once you get there. And, sometimes, the next great vacation idea is something you may have never heard about before.

If your next vacation is going to take you anywhere near the Tennessee area, there are a number of options you should consider. How about going fishing in McMinnville TN? In this area, you will find fishing, hiking, and of course, plenty of places to eat. But, when was the last time you and your loved ones were able to check out a cave? Cumberland Caverns is one of the longest caves in Tennessee, and may be the perfect destination for your next trip.

Things to do in Cumberland Caverns

Glamping – Yes, you and your family can spend the night in Cumberland Caverns! Your group’s private, enclosed space comes with futons, tables, chairs and lighting. All you need to bring is your sleeping bag, pillow, clothes and some toiletries, and you’re ready for your adventure. Expect lots of climbing, crawling, hiking and much more.

Rock out – How would you like to see a concert, hundreds of feet below the surface? Cumberland Caverns’ Volcano Room is located 333 feet below, and has hosted The Allman Betts Band in concert. Be sure to check out when the next show is, and see if it fits into your stay.

Specials – Any trip to Cumberland Caverns will be a special one, but there are certain events that can make the experience even more unforgettable. Rocky Topper Saturday, Higgenbotham’s Revenge Saturday, Apple Brandy Trail hikes, and Christmas parties can all take your experience to new heights.

Are you in the process of planning your next trip? Whether you want to go fishing in McMinnville TN, or want to see what the rest of the area has to offer, you may have just stumbled upon your family’s next amazing vacation. Don’t get left in the dark! See why Cumberland Caverns is something the whole family will enjoy.

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