One of the last states to join the Union, and geographically the biggest, Alaska is a state known for its expansive and beautiful wilderness. Even counting the Native Americans living there, this state is lightly populated, with cities like Juneau and Anchorage being the few major human settlements. Many guests to this northern state may go dog sledding, go ice fishing, hunt for bears or moose, or even take hikes along the state’s endless wilderness. For outdoor lovers, Alaska is a real treat, and more urban-minded guests can find plenty to enjoy up there, too. For example, many American brides and grooms are looking for exotic destination wedding venues, and an Alaska glacier wedding in spring or summer may be just right for them. Helicopter tours are also a fine way to explore this state without getting your boots muddy, and an interested tourist may look up “anchorage helicopter glacier tours” to find open time slots for a helicopter ride. When searching “anchorage helicopter glacier tours”, what should a tourist keep in mind?

Taking a Helicopter Ride

Why search “anchorage helicopter glacier tours” at all? This state is enormous and has a lot of gorgeous wilderness to see, but not all tourists there are interested in kayaking or hiking to see nature up close. A tourist who would rather stick with the cities and modern technology may visit Juneau or Anchorage, and then take a helicopter tour to safely see Alaska’s terrain from up high. A helicopter is a fine way to take in the entire panorama, and a tour guide will explain local history and natural features for an educational experience. A helicopter’s guests and crew will wear headsets so they can hear each other over the helicopter’s noise, and the doors will stay closed for safety. A helicopter will fly in all but the worst weather.

Booking a helicopter tour in states like Alaska or Hawaii means getting some work done ahead of time. During any region’s busy tourist season, bookings for anything might fill up fast, including helicopter tours. An interested tourist may look up “anchorage helicopter glacier tours” weeks or even months ahead of time, and find open time slots for a tour. The tourist might look for slots that fit their vacation’s schedule, or if they want to, find time slots first and then plan the rest of their vacation around that helicopter tour. When the tourists arrive in Anchorage or similar cities, they can visit the heliport and look over a few different helicopter models and check out the credentials of each pilot on staff. The tourists may find a ride and pilot who fit their needs, and take flight.

A Destination Wedding

As mentioned above, it is increasingly popular for today’s brides and grooms to look for exotic, often outdoor places, for their wedding ceremony and/or reception. Often, rustic farms and warm beaches satisfy this need, but some creative wedding parties may opt for a spring backdrop in Alaska. Winter may be miserable, but in spring or summer, this state may be gorgeous to behold. A wedding party may book a site with a great view of mountains, glaciers, forests, lakes, and more, and arrange for all the logistics to make it happen. This means not just booking the site, but also booking hotels for all the guests as well as shuttle buses, taxis, airplane flights, and more. For all this, hosting the ceremony near a city like Juneau or Anchorage may be a good idea, since there will be more amenities available for all this. What is more, many hotels, in Alaska or otherwise, might offer bulk discounts if many rooms are booked at once for a number of wedding guests. Booking 50 rooms at once may lead to great deals, something for a wedding planner to keep in mind to cut costs.

An outdoor ceremony might also involve a party tent, which the wedding planners might find from a local tent rental company near the wedding site. The same may be done for table and chair rentals, and linens, too. Some members of the wedding party may arrive in Alaska well ahead of time to handle all these rentals, since rentals are best done in person.

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