Nearly all surveyed American workers agree that taking a vacation is very important to them, since a vacation is a fine way to relax, unwind, and “get away from it all.” In most cases, a tourist is going far from their home community, often 50 miles or more to see exotic new places and features. While many Americans picture a sunny beach or a cultured city for their trip, outdoors lovers might opt for Alaska instead. At first, Alaska seems like an odd vacation spot. Isn’t it just a cold, remote wasteland? Far from it. This huge northern state is home to gorgeous vistas of mountains and glaciers, tundras and grassy fields, lakes, pine forests, rivers and cliffs, and more. Today, Alaska enjoys a strong tourism industry, and many domestic tourists returning from a trip there report that they are satisfied or very satisfied with their trip. In fact, many returning tourists are pleasantly surprised by how much fun their trip up north was.

What is everyone doing up there? A guest to Alaska may take a dogsled tour, board helicopter tours for glacier flights, or even get married. Alaska glacier weddings are popular, and many modern brides and grooms are trading ballroom weddings for something more exotic and memorable. An Alaska glacier wedding package may be just the thing.

A Helicopter Tour of Alaska

Some tourists in Alaska are hunters, hikers, or fishers who want to explore this vast, wild state on foot or in a kayak. Others would rather explore Alaska by air, and this means taking helicopter tours. How can this be done? A smart tourist will look up available helicopter tour slots well ahead of time, weeks or even months in advance, and find a slot that fits their schedule. In fact, a tourist might even choose a helicopter tour slot first, then build the rest of their vacation around it. And when the tourist takes their flight to Alaska and is ready for their helicopter tour, they may visit the air base and look over the helicopters while they meet the pilots. The tour group may choose a helicopter and pilot they like, and get on board and put on headsets.

The helicopter’s doors and windows will be closed for safety, and everyone can hear each other over the vehicle’s noise with their headsets. In this way, the tour guide on board can describe local history and features to the tourist group, and answer any questions they may have. Such a helicopter may pass over lakes, tundra, mountains and glaciers, and more, and these choppers will fly in all but the worst weather. If a helicopter is grounded due to weather, the tourists may want to consult the staff about rescheduling or refunds, as this may vary from one case to another. Otherwise, though, a helicopter tour can be a wonderful way to see this wild state’s vast panoramas, and a tourist may see sights they will never forget.

A Destination Wedding

As mentioned earlier, some brides and grooms today get creative about their wedding venue, and they often choose outdoor spots for their ceremony. Many opt for beaches or rustic farms, but Alaska is an option if it’s feasible to fly all the guests up there. This means doing plenty of work ahead of time, such as choosing the outdoor venue itself and ensuring that the weather will be fair at that time of year. For small and intimate ceremonies, the bride and groom might even choose a glacier venue that is accessible only by helicopter. Many helicopter companies may offer various helicopter wedding packages on their website. Lastly, any and all guests may have rooms booked for them at local hotels, and many hotels offer bulk discounts.


Many tourists visit Alaska for the nature. They may take a dogsled tour, go kayaking or rock climbing, or even go sight seeing and hiking, just to see Alaska’s nature up close. Hunters and anglers may get the right permits, then go hunting for big game or fishing, such as ice fishing. These outdoors lovers can find and rent log cabins for a more authentic experience. These cabins are also conveniently close to good hunting, hiking, or fishing spots.

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