Cabo vacation rentals

You know what it?s time for? It?s time you took a vacation. About one in four Americans don?t get any paid time off. If you?re one of the ones that do, stop spending your vacations sitting at home on a staycation. It?s time to indulge yourself — because you never know what challenge life has in store for you around the corner.

If you?re looking for a sunny, beach-friendly location, you may want to check out Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (also known as ?Cabo? to visitors). Why? Although this is a resort town popular with tourists, Cabo San Lucas doesn?t feel like ?A little America in Mexico? the way cities like Cancun sometimes do. Located on Mexico?s west coast, the city has incredible beaches and is a popular location for scuba diving.

Are you thinking of planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas? Here?s a few things you should keep in mind.

For People Who Love Nature

Cabo San Lucas is a great place to experience the natural beauty of Mexio. Trip Advisor?s top rated thing to do in this city is visit El Arco de Cabo San Lucas (Lands End). This natural formation is a wonder to see up close, and there are numerous options for exploring the local area (kayak tours, dinner cruises, boat tours, etc.). Lover?s Beach is also located nearby if you want to bring your sunscreen.

Scuba Diving

Bring your waterproof camera, because there?s a lot to see in the Atlantic waters off Cabo. There are a large number of certified divers and scuba companies operating in the area — if you?re not sure which one is your best option, the hotel Cabo San Lucas that you?re staying at will have a list of top recommended vendors. Your best bet is someone who will show you around to the best spots so that you can see everything from sharks, to eagle rays, to whale sharks, to sea lions. Pro tip: check the water visibility forecast and try to pick a clear day!

Stay at Luxury Villas, Not Generic Vacation Rentals

You may have never given much thought to where you stay on a vacation, always opting for the cheapest hotel option that pops up on your favorite aggregate site after checking to make sure it has no obvious, glaring issues in the reviews. If you?re going on vacation, though, why not treat yourself? Now is the time to check out Cabo San Lucas resorts. You?ll be lucky, as well, since the dollar typically performs fairly well in Mexico. Vacation rentals shouldn’t be generic or depressing: you should be having the time of your life!

So: if you’re thinking of going to Cabo this year, keep these tips in mind. Whether you’re booking vacation rentals or looking for a great scuba diving adventure, don’t put off taking your time off — you deserve it!

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