Limos chicago

Who doesn’t like taking a ride in a limousine? Little did you know your favorite luxury car comes with a rich history, ample benefits and plenty of fun facts.

    Built in California by Jay Ohrberg in 1997, the longest limousine is a 100 foot long Lincoln. It boasted 26 wheels spread out along its body as well as two driver cabins, one in both the front and back. It must be a scene to see on the street, as the middle part is hinged so it folds when a turn is made around a corner.

    The presidential limo the American public has come to know and love is built and replaced every four years, with the old one being handed down to either the vice president or a visiting head of state. The current model, ” The Beast” is a Cadillac that boasts five inch thick bulletproof glass windows, rocket propelled grenades, a tear gas cannon, pump action shotguns, and night vision optics. This is a vehicle that is clearly ready for anything that crosses it’s path!

    The world’s fastest limousine is a 20 foot long stretch Ferrari which can reach a top speed of 166 miles per hour. It has the ability to seat eight passengers, who climb in through hydraulically powered nine feet long gull-wing doors and sit in carbon fiber racing seats equipped with five-point harnesses. This car also holds two Guinness World Records, a feat for anyone, especially a car!

If you are inspired to rent limousines for personal use, it is imperative to know most car services charge by car, and not by person. Typically, the customer can choose from a six, eight, or 10 passenger car, and because the six person limos are relatively cheaper, you get more bang for your buck by filling one of those.

Additionally, hiring a limousine service will help you avoid the stressful monotony of traffic. It only takes 20 minutes of car travel to make you liable to chronic stress which causes both physical and mental exhaustion. So why not pick from your choice of limousines, and have an experience chauffeur drive you around, which lower your daily stress levels. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 178,620 drivers working in the United States in 2014, so you have many to choose from!

Limousines are a versatile, fun and efficient way to get around town in a timely manner. So go ahead, call up your closest limo company and schedule your ride now!

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