An engagement is a big step in a relationship, and after that excitement, many important decisions will have to be made by the future groom and bride. If you recently decided to tie the knot with your soulmate, you have a lot of planning ahead. You will have to find a venue, think about guests, and take care of every little detail of the big day.

Although it can feel really exciting to take care of all the arrangements yourself, it’s probably best to hire some help. If you find a wedding planner, you are more likely to enjoy yourself when your wedding day arrives. Wedding planners will also be able to help you keep track of arrangements and ensure everything goes smoothly.

It can be difficult to know where to start though. In this case, Google can be super useful. Use the search engine to search terms such as ‘help me find a wedding venue’ for advice on this important task. You can also search ‘how to find a venue’ and you’ll have all the advice you need.

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Many couples who are trying the knot may decide they would like to save money by omitting a wedding planner. That is fine, and with careful plan they can still have the wedding of their dreams. However, they should take care to review certain topics or parts of the wedding they may not have previously considered. This includes the ceremony itself as well as the reception. Planning how many guests will attend and finding event venues is not an easy process. Also, many so-called rules about weddings and what is considered appropriate and what is not have changed over the years, making some taboos no longer applicable in today?s modern society. For example, many people get married on a Saturday, with roughly about 44,230 weddings taking place on the weekend. But many couples are choosing to have their weddings during the week or even at night, forgoing typical Saturday ceremonies. Below are three considerations all couples should make as they work together to find a wedding venue and create the special day of their dreams.

When Planning the Wedding Venue, Look for One That Matches the Number of Guests Coming

Weddings can be as big or small as a couple would like. Although most weddings have a guest list of about 165 people, this may be more or less depending on who the couple would like to have involved. Some may wish to have a great deal of family, whereas others may feel that smaller, more intimate ceremonies are better suited to their needs and tastes. There is no right or wrong way to decide how many people should be invited, only what is right for those getting married. The process of finding a wedding venue does not have to be difficult. When looking for event venues, couples should consider how much space they will need. The more space is required, the larger the cost will be. However, if they only plan on a small wedding, they can save money be request a wedding venue that doesn?t require lots of room. Finalizing the guest list and picking out the venue accordingly are two of the most important things a couple can do.

Couples Should Plan on Who They Would Like to Have Officiate Their Wedding

In the past, judges and minsters were commonly the only ones who could marry a couple. However, there are many types of alternative faiths and churches, all of which allow people who are members of their organizations to marry other individuals. This might be as simple as the person taking an oath and paying a fee. In some states, those who are notary publics have the right to marry people as well. 43% of all weddings involve someone who is not a professional wedding officiant (a friend or a family member) to marry the couple. This might be a way to save money, or perhaps to simply involve loved ones more on such a special occasion. As couples are looking for beautiful wedding venues, they can decide where they would like the officiant to stand, and how they would like the overall feel of the ceremony to be.

Wedding Receptions Should be Planned to Understand How Much Will be Spent on the Menu and Bar

The reception is perhaps the costliest part of getting married. People need to eat, drink, and be entertained. In this case, it can be rather costly, and couples would do well to plan ahead. For example, bar costs can run up to 25% of a catering bill if there is an open bar after the wedding. Menus should also be planned to accommodate different diet types, such as a dish for vegetarians or those who must eat gluten-free. Some couples might choose to have it at a smaller location, such as a lakefront restaurant, which can be ideal for smaller weddings that don?t have a great deal of people to cater to. The options for larger event venues are endless.

When planning a wedding, couples should find event venues that match their needs, from the number of guests they would like, to the type of officiant to finalize the ceremony. They can also plan their own type of afterparty, and truly design the wedding they desire.

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