Splash parks in tulsa

There is just something about getting out into the great outdoors that does wonders for the soul. Regardless of your level of dedication or interest in outdoor activities, there are times that being out in the fresh air is just what the doctor ordered. And even if you might not consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast or one who considers camping to be a default weekend adventure, there are still ways to get into the camping scene in a way that best fits your style.

Finding your camping style
For some, the excitement and the draw to head out and set up camp is heavily tied in with that natural, bare bones ruggedness, leaving the city life behind with all its chaos. The hustle and bustle scene has no place in the great outdoors, and the beauty of camping is that you can tailor it to exactly what you want. So whether you want to be thrust into the wild or you prefer all the luxuries of home and more, there is something for you.

  • Camping in its purest form
    If you are hoping to get lost in the wilderness with only the supplies on your back, setting up your tent or bivy under the twinkle of the stars, with the wind rustling through the forest canopy as your soundtrack, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. There are local, state, and national parks that not only offer, but encourage conscious campers to explore what the natural world has to offer. And even if you went looking for wild land, not privately owned or maintained, between cities or off the beaten path, you could be successful if your eyes are open.
  • A few more comforts
    Not everyone would claim to be such a hardcore camper or as devoted to truly experiencing life unplugged and disconnected from the amenities of civilization that have by now become what many people consider to be necessities. And that is completely acceptable. If camping for you is more pleasant at a public campground, then by all means that is where you should head. Step out of your comfort zone if you are hoping to push yourself a bit, but if that is not your intention, camp the way you know you will enjoy, or you will have a difficult time.

    Many campgrounds offer water and electrical hookups right at each of the campsites, and provide fully operational toilets, sinks and showers. It still counts as camping if you take your tent or recreational vehicle to a place that provides the comforts of home. After all, you will ideally still be able to roast marshmallows over a fire to create the perfect s’more, which is a must.

  • The more luxurious
    Those who would rather not sleep on the ground or share public bathrooms, or who want a bit more space from their fellow campers can still enjoy the outdoor activity. Upscale cabin rentals, whether in a remote wooded area on a lake or a bit closer to a town with more of the comforts of civilization, are a good option. These types of cabins can range from simplistic to ornate, and the best part about it is that you can choose when you want to feel the luxuries of home, or when you want to step out into nature.
  • Other fun elements
    Many places that offer different camp styles also offer several different activities, from water fun like splash parks or boating on a lake, to sports throughout the campground or hiking on nearby trails. Think of your vacation, and add various activities like water slides or gathering a group on the sand volleyball court. Just by finding the perfect place to camp could provide you with hours of additional entertainment.

People in the U.S. love to camp. It is one of the most beloved outdoor pastimes across the country. On average, each camper spends almost 15 days on their outdoor adventures, and people are not afraid to spend the money on that adventure. Over the course of one year, RV parks and campgrounds saw a revenue of approximately $5 billion, with about $1.5 billion of that being spent on equipment such as sleeping bags and backpacks. However you do decide to camp, make it your own, and enjoy the world around you.

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