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According to Best Places in the World to Retire, there are about 20,000 Americans that live in Panama full time. Panama City real estate is an especially popular relocation spot for Americans moving to Panama. Many Americans are choosing to retire to foreign countries owing to the numerous advantages that can be experienced.

In Panama, for example, many expats are eligible for a wide range of discounts on everything from entertainment to traveling. People are also drawn to Panama City because it’s easier to have a luxury lifestyle there for less money. If you’re thinking about moving to Panama and living a luxury lifestyle, and worried that there won’t be enough there to keep you busy, it’s worth finding out just what keeps this city hopping.

1. Go to Cinta Costera

The Cinta Costera, also known as the Coastal Strip, is a land reclamation project in Panama City, Panama. The road will take you past acres of green spaces and you can journey from skyscrapers to colonial-era buildings and back. For recreation, there are basketball courts, food, gardens, bike lanes, playgrounds, gazebos, WiFi, and many sidewalks for pleasant walking. Along the way, the fish market is a great place to get cheap, fresh ceviche and a beer.

2. The Cost of Living Lets You Get Out More

In an article for International Living, Jessica Ramesch points out that during her first year in Panama City, she would start each morning with a $.15 cup of coffee. For Americans used to Starbucks coffee costing ten times as much, this alone might be enticing! She points out that a wide budget range of options for food and entertainment abound, just like with any city. “Dinner and a beer at popular eatery La Inmaculada would cost you $10 at most,” she explains. For more luxury options, you could alternatively get a $45 meal at the Barcelona restaurant. It’s a good idea to look for Panama City condos for sale located near restaurants and bars so that you can walk easily to dinner.

3. See Panama by Boat

You’ve probably heard about the Panama Canal that runs through Panama and connects the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Why not see it for yourself? For $6, you can take a boat from Panama City to Taboga Island, the number one choice for Panamanians that love the beach. You’ll see the canal and also get to hang out on Taboga, famous for both a large variety of flowers, great beaches, and fish shacks.

It’s not hard to live a fun, luxury lifestyle in Panama City. Are you thinking about investigating real estate investment opportunities there? Let us know in the comments. References:

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