Did you know that more than 40 million Americans went camping in 2010? In addition, the typical camper goes on five camping trips per year and travels more than 190 miles to the campground. But why is camping so overwhelmingly popular? Camping is common in the United States not only because it is fun for the whole family, but also because it allows for new and exciting experiences, as well.

– New and exciting experiences. Camping allows you to travel to places you may not normally visit. For example, camping in Ontario, New York, Michigan, and Illinois is common because these areas provide numerous campgrounds. In fact, the campgrounds located in these areas allow you to stay in tents, RVs, yurts, or cabins, all of which provide a different camping experience. For example, tents allow you to become familiar with the most traditional form of camping, while cabins often provide heat and beds for a more luxurious experience. With many options to choose from, experiencing something new can be both simple and rewarding.

– Fun for the whole family. Camping gives families the opportunity to spend time with each other. For example, cooking over a campfire with adult supervision can be fun for children, as it allows kids to prepare hotdogs, smores, and tinfoil packet dinners in a unique way. Additionally, camping helps children learn respect for nature because they are given the opportunity to hike, bike, canoe, and swim. Since camping allows families to leave their electronics at home, it encourages family bonding and fun.

There are several benefits of taking a family camping adventure. Not only are you able to become familiar with new and exciting experiences, such as camping in Ontario, but camping is fun for the whole family, as well. As a result, camping is a perfect vacation idea for the upcoming summer months.

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