Nearly all surveyed American workers agree that taking a vacation is important to them, since a vacation is a great chance to take a break from a busy life and unwind. On a trip, a person can see and experience all sorts of exotic and fun new things, and typically, Americans take trips further than 50 miles away from where they live. So, where to go? Many people picture cultured cities like New York City, or sunny beaches such as in Florida or California or Hawaii. There is nothing wrong with that, but some options end up overlooked, such as Alaskan resorts and helicopter tours. Alaska is not a miserable ice box; in fact, it is a haven for many outdoors enthusiasts, and this state’s expansive natural beauty is highly appealing for many guests. Often, surveyed domestic tourists report being pleasantly surprised by how much fun their trip to Alaska was, and Alaskan resorts and Alaska lodges alike are ready for booking.

Booking Alaskan Resorts for a Trip

What does an Alaskan resort look like, anyway? Some of them are larger hotels and structures with many modern comforts, and urban-minded tourists may prefer these, and visit the museums and restaurants in cities like Anchorage and Juneau. Some tourists may have outdoor trips in mind, such as taking helicopter tours or going boating or hiking on their mind, and they may enjoy the luxury of an Alaskan resort in between activities. A tourist is encouraged to find those resorts online well ahead of time, and find something that suits their price range and schedule. Alaska might not get the same tourist traffic as Hawaii, but all the same, preparing for the crowds is a good idea.

Some places to stay in Alaska are more humble and bare-bones, and many tourists actually prefer that to modern hotels and amenities. Alaska is a huge state with a modest population, so it is fairly easy to find lodges and cabins out in the wilds for rent. Who is renting them? These may appeal to outdoor enthusiasts such as ice fishers, big game hunters, dog sledders, and dedicated rock climbers, kayak enthusiasts, and more. Such cabins are conveniently close to natural features, such as forests, streams, open tundra, and mountains, and they can help make for a more rustic and authentic experience in this wilderness state. Not everyone up in Alaska is looking for room service and a king sized bed with silk sheets, after all.

Helicopter Tours and Destination Weddings

What can a tourist do during their trip to Alaska? Some popular activities have been mentioned so far, from hiking to kayaking to fishing and riding on dog sleds, but there are some other options, too, such as helicopter tours. States such as Alaska and Hawaii are home to helicopter tour companies, and indeed, tourist groups can get aboard a helicopter and see the sights from high above. Doing this will take some prior planning, though.

An interested tourist can look up helicopter tour time slots and companies online for their group, and find some that are close to their hotel, such as in Anchorage or Juneau. Looking up helicopter tour dates a few months or at least a few weeks ahead of time is best, and the tourist might actually choose a helicopter tour first and then schedule their vacation around it, if that proves easier. Once the tourists arrive in Alaska and pay a visit to the helicopter base, they can meet the pilot and look over the available vehicles. Once a pilot and helicopter are chosen, everyone climbs on board and the helicopter will fly along its route. On board, everyone will wear headsets so they can hear each other and the pilot over the noise of the vehicle, and the tour guide can explain local history and nature facts. The helicopter can even touch down atop a glacier so the tourists can get out and walk around a bit.

Something similar can be done for Alaska destination weddings, which take place in the spring or summer high up in the mountains, accessible only by helicopter. A small wedding party can thus book a helicopter in Alaska and fly up for a private ceremony with a stunning natural backdrop.

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