When Was the Last Time That You Took an Extended Family?

Valentine’s is supposed to the day of red hearts and candy kisses, but you are certain that neither your wife nor two daughters are going to complain when they find our that you are throwing in a little green this year. At the end of the family dinner out this evening, you are going to tell your ladies that all four of you are taking a luxury Irish tour this spring. As a way to continue the celebration of your 30th year of being married, you have been planning this trip since the summer. At that time to celebrate you younger daughter graduating from high school and your older daughter graduating from college, the four of you travelled to Greece for 17 days. Those more than two weeks were full of relaxation, adventure, smiles, and a chance to spend time together.
As empty nesters this year you and your wife have had many long weekend getaways, but one of the things that you have really missed is the time you were able to spend last summer with your daughters. This Irish luxury tour will be different from the trip to Greece in that the summer vacation was planned exclusively by the four of you. On this vacation to Ireland, however, you will go on castle tours that are arranged by the travel company. You will still have two or three days with nothing on your schedule, but because you are only staying g little more than a week you decided that a travel company could provide the best way to use your time.

Family Vacations Create Lifetime Memories

Whether you are looking at a family planned trip to Greece or an all inclusive Irish luxury tour, the best thing about travel with your loved ones is the chance to step away from the responsibilities of work, school, and home. Away from the daily tasks that often keep everyone on different schedules, a family vacation is an opportunity to make sure that you get to enjoy each other as much as the sights.

A trip to Ireland is an opportunity to visit the third biggest island in the European continent. And as a country with 32,595 square miles and more than 3,000 miles of coastline, an Irish luxury tour can provide a wide range of options. From castle tours to vacation packages that include some of the world’s most famous golf courses, in fact, an Irish luxury tour may be a once in a lifetime experience. But even if you do not get to travel out of the country, a commitment to a family vacation is an effort that will pay dividends for years to come.

some families like to invest in private guided tours so that their decision making is kept to a minimum. Other families like to explore and create adventures of their own. No matter what your family’s preference, however, it is important to plan times to not only take in the sites, but to also relax, reinvigorate and enjoy each others companies. In a time when some families can hardly find the time to sit down and have dinner together, it is important to invest both the effort and the economics in to traveling as a family.

When you allow your children, especially the adult ones, to be part of the planning you can know that you will not only see the typical tourist stops along the way, but also have the opportunity to experience seeing your children in their element. From art exhibits to dance clubs to long bicycle rides, a family vacation that takes into account the interests of the parents and the kids is always going to be a success. And while we cannot always drop into the adult ives of our children, we can see those same older children doing what they love when they are on a family vacation.

What are your plans for this Valentine’s Day? Are you taking your loved one out for dinner or are you staying in? If you really want to make a memory on this 14th day of February maybe it is time to plan for a family vacation that will allow you to spend more time with your loved ones.

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